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Post  Mica on Sat Jun 19, 2010 9:10 am

IGN: MicaMi
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Word Count: 749 (Plus title. Close call, huh?)

The Beginning of an Adventure

Rowel, the young aspiring sharpshooter who came from the small island up north. With him was his sprite, a golden little spiked ball named Ion. The two had arrived several weeks ago, meeting Sage Babama as his father first advised. The old man told him the basics and what he had to do, first giving him the task of slaying ten pink cotton-candy creatures he later learned to be called jelly rabbits. It took them a while to get past the innocent and cuddly outer exterior of their cuteness to finally kill them but it had worked out in the end.

Sage Babama told them to meet the head villager of Siwa Island, Ludaumann and on the way they met a sprite named Efe. Ion was eager to learn, not knowing that later on, his failures would drive Rowel insane and mad with frustration. They met with the village head soon after, who gave them the easy task of killing crabs which he had often done. The bulk of his training had been running around and doing favors for the townsfolk as Sage Babama guided his way like the mentor he was.

During his quests, Captain Muha introduced himself to them. They learned that he was a skilltrainer who needed help for his officer who resided in the forest. There, they met Bill.

Bill was, in Rowel's opinion, just a little insane. He was convinced that the Longhorn deers were ‘secretly plotting to overthrow the human rule of Siwa Island!’. Despite the man’s shortcomings, Rowel agreed to kill ten deers and report back, since it was essential to his journey in becoming a good archer. There was an abundant supply of deer and he was accustomed to hunting them, so the quest didn't take long.

The first time they came across a baby dragon, Rowel wondered just how vicious they would be when they were all grown up. Ion only gained a lifetime of hatred towards the beast who almost succeeded in eating him. They met a little girl called Jasmine who asked for their help. They quickly agreed to her pleading request.

They ran up the tallest slope on Mount Dragonguard, and saw the giant.
It was stirring and the chains were no longer attached around his wrist. Rowel wasn’t sure how to approach the situation, however when a pair of dragons attacked them, the commotion drew the giant's attention.

The whole situation was not good; it took a moment to fend off the dragons, but now the stone giant had his eyes on the young fleshy human. Ion frantically motioned for Rowel to run but if he had done that he would have led it towards the village. Now, Rowel was not the type to lunge in the rescue of others, however, if he was going to be responsible for the deaths of an entire village he would rather face the problem here.

Rowel was quick to grab his bow and aimed. When he shot, the arrow impaled its cracked shoulder. The damage was minimal but it was better then nothing. In a sudden surge of speed, the stone giant had him within range and threw Rowel in the lake just beside his prison area. It followed him into the deep waters as Rowel swam to the shore, coughing as he felt the pain apparent in his bruised chest. The stone giant’s movement was now limited as Rowel ran to grab his bow and shoot. He emptied his quiver in a matter of minutes, which was around the same time the stone giant had gotten out of the muddy puddle.

The creature roared in pain and fury, his eyes now beset on Rowel who unsheathed his short sword in preparation. Quick on his feet, Rowel dodged the fist which landed on the ground and jumped over the large arm and propelled himself high enough to stab his eye and thrust his blade into the stone giant’s neck.

For a moment, Rowel staggered backwards as his feet landed on the ground. When the Ancient Giant Baron laid motionless, he gave a sigh of relief. At the beginning, it was easy; jelly rabbits, deers and crabs were all not nearly as dangerous as the Stone Giant. It dawned on Rowel just how difficult his adventure would be. This was only the start, the first step forward.

Upon greeting a crying Ion with a lopsided smile, Rowel thought that he couldn’t have felt more accomplished.

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