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Post  Lore on Fri Dec 04, 2009 10:50 am

First Hour

The dark corridor opens in a whiplash of black energy, and two figures step out onto the frozen wasteland. They are Matthew and Micaela; respectively the Dark Bladesman and Holy Stave. The dark-haired young man casts a disinterested gaze at his surroundings even as the beautiful young woman squeals at the crystal like structures dotting the horizon. "Oh, that's right..." Matt turned to her with a raised eyebrow. "You like this kind of stuff, huh?"

"Of course. This world is so pretty and sparkly! I was so lucky to be the first on reconnaissance..." She sighed dreamily as snow flakes started to fall from the sky, a slight breeze causing their cloaks to billow. Matt shook his head with a gentle smile while pulling up his hood, "Alright, howzabout we finish this quickly so we can take a little vacation here? We aren't expected back at headquarters until tomorrow, afteralllAGH!" Matt was surprised when he felt a weight on his back, Mica having jumped and wrapped her arms around him to effectively straddle the boy. "That would be awesome!" He looked over his shoulder to find her eyes staring straight into his, his lips set in a pout, "Hey, what's the big idea though?" She gave him a quick peck on the lips that took him by surprise, and then pointed forward. "You're going to carry me of course! It's cooold and you're warm..." She giggled and he took on a blank stare before chuckling as well, wrapping his arms under her legs to secure her. "Fine fine, you win... but only this once. And uh... you ARE going to get down to help with any Heartless that show up, right?"

She went silent with a grin that grew wider by the second.


Second Hour

"W-we've been travelling for days! How far away is our target...?" Matt groaned as he trudged on through the snow, Mica happily clinging to his back. "Oh, quit your complaining! It's only been an hour, if that." He stopped suddenly and glanced back at her, "Wait, an hour? It's no wonder I'm tired!" She narrowed her eyes menacingly, lightly pressing a black boot between his legs. "And just what are you implying, Matthew?"

He sweatdropped and looked down nervously, "Uh... uhm... I just meant... that... w-we-" She interrupted him by pushing slightly, and he squealed in pain. "Yes, go on." He opened his mouth to continue, but a ravenous howl shattered the scene. Mica leapt off his back and pressed her back against his while summoning her ornate staff. She scanned the surroundings as Matt called forth his large black keyblade, his own eyes darting around the deathly silent enivornment he faced...

Third Hour

"It has to be a Heartless..."

"...And by the sounds of it, a big one."

"I can still hear it, but the howls are growing distant..."

"No, Matt... I think it's-"

They both looked beneath them and found that the ground was cracking. Matthew shouted "Underground?!" before the two were thrown upwards, the ground ripping apart in a hail of ice shards. A massive seal-like Heartless flew upwards and bit into Matt's shoulder while they were in the air, Mica having rolled sideways to evade the preemptive strike. She immediately started chanting a Firaga as Matt thrusted his keyblade within the seal's maw to prevent his arm from being torn clean off. He grunted in pain, but saw an opening as they fell back towards the icey ground.

Gravity loosened the Heartless' hold, and with that he could slice his keyblade across the seal's face. They fell apart as the seal roared in pain, and when they hit the ground, Matt immediately backflipped away. Mica completed her spell and took the time to cast it as the seal was dazed. A whirling fireball shot from her staff and crashed into the seal's back, fire consuming its form as the powerful magic threw it into an ice sculpture.

The Final Hour

"What's with this thing? We've been fighting it for awhile now and nothing seems to be working... not even your fire magic!"

Matt ranted as the two Organization members panted heavily, the seal like Heartless looking down at them tauntingly. They both had lost their coats during the hour long (and raging) battle, their clothes cut and their flesh bloodied. They had underestimated this target, but no more. Matt summoned his second keyblade, this one a blinding white color, and Mica drank a potion that amplified her magical damage: they were ready to finish this and take that long-deserved vacation.

"Matt, get in close and aim for inside his mouth! I have a plan," Mica shouted, having abandoned her staff halfway through the battle to focus on stronger incantations with her hands. "Inside his mouth?! Are you n-er, forget I said that! Okay, inside his mouth... gotcha." The Dark Bladesman took a running step forward as the White Stave leapt while firing a few Fira spells at the seal. The seal whipped his tail around to bash the keyblade user, but Matt was too fast; he vanished before the tail connected, and reappeared at the seal's back, slashing both keyblades in an x across its hardened skin. The Heartless cried out and thrashed in pain, but the boy had already ran to its side. He thrusted both swords into its side as Mica drew a lightning bolt from the heavens, zapping the beast with thousands of paralyzing volts.

Matt nodded at his partner and she nodded at him as they prepared for the final attack. He dashed infront of it and jumped while it was still paralyzed, holding his keyblades up above his head. Mica grinned at his acknowledging of her plan and called forth the most powerful fire spell she could muster, throwing her entire being into a colossal fireball that soared into Matt's keyblades. They bursted into flame and then he stabbed them inside the Heartless' mouth, piercing the creature deeply. The flames inside of its body spun and churned until exploding outward slowly. The Heartless roared and howled in agony as it was boiled from within, its skin bubbling into a charred shell until its body detonated completely, throwing Matt to the ground.

Thirty Minutes

"You are so reckless," Mica sighed exasperated as she treated the boy's wounds with his head on her lap. He went to speak, but she interrupted, "But if you hadn't been so brave, I don't think we could have won that. I don't think we could have survived..." She smiled gently and he blushed a light shade of crimson, looking away in embarrassment. "Yeah, well... just go easy on that fire next time! If I didn't know better, I'd think you were trying to kill me too..." He gave her a suspicious look and she giggled devilishly. "Think twice before you piss me off then, mm?"

He sweatdropped and gave a meek "Yes ma'am!".

Fifteen Minutes

"Hey, when did this hole open up?"

"Oh, that? The ground caved in after the Heartless exploded, but you might have been unconscious then..." Mica paused slightly as she kneeled down to look inside the dark hole. "So what do you say we investigate it? Our target may be down there!" Before Matt could protest or offer any sort of debate, the Holy Stave had already leapt inside, leaving him dumbfounded. "H-hey! Wait for me!" He yelled before running and jumping in after her.

Mission Accomplished?!

"Wow..." Mica gasped at the sight before them; the underground chamber they had stumbled upon was born entirely of a special rock akin to crystal. The room held an array of colors that reflected off every surface, creating what they thought the inside of a rainbow would look like. And there, encased in ice at the far end of the chamber... was their prize, their target.

"You think that's... well, it must be. There's only one Frostbite Blade in this world, or so our sources say," Matt gawked as he neared the imprisoned sword, and was completely surprised when a fireball slammed into the construct. He fell back as the ice melted away to expose the gleaming blade, and Mica strode forward to retrieve it. "So this is the legendary Frostbite Blade. It's beautiful, isn't it Matt?" She took a swing with it before shouldering the blade, turning her head to look down at him with a big smile. He stared up at her in wonder at the fact that he could never stay mad at her, and especially not in the light that filled the room. He rubbed the back of his head with a grin, "It sure is, Mica..." Something here is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, but it certainly isn't the blade... He added under his breath as the mischievous girl giggled innocently.

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Post  Lore on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:00 pm

The universe shifted in blackness as the Dark Bladesman and Holy Stave unlocked the dark corridors, their powers combining to reveal a new passageway between worlds. A tiny speck of black energy crackled into existence on the world, and then rapidly expanded to form a swirling vortex filled with the void. The two stepped out into a new world and cast the portal into nothingness, hiding the corridor from those outsiders who would utilize the Organization's pathways.

The world that greeted them was one of splendor and life; the greenery that surrounded them was luscious and flourishing, the sky that peeked through the treetops was bright and crystal clear, and the roaring waterfalls cascading down glorious cliffs integrated into the forest setting was awe-inspiring. Matt whistled at the beauty and Mica ran to get a better view of the waterfalls that created a sparkling effect by reflecting sunlight. "Wooow, it's so pretty! For once we actually got a good mission!" Mica clasped her hands together and cooed over the sights while Matt turned slightly towards the forest they had emerged from.

"Mica, something doesn't feel right..." He muttered, eyes widening at a sudden ferocious sound coming their way. Thousands of arrows suddenly shot out of the forest and rained down on them, Matt quickly erecting a Dark Barrier to ward off the attack.

Mica growled as the last of the arrows disintegrated upon striking the barrier. "Okay, I don't know who they think they are, but NO ONE interrupts sparkly observation!" Holding up her staff, the Holy Stave began chanting to summon a growing fireball around the magical gem set within her staff.

"I'll cover you," Matt called forth his keyblades from the ether and assumed a combat stance, but just then a wave of humanoid warriors rushed out of the forest. "Some paradise," he sweatdropped before running forward to meet the first of them, quickly disarming the man before spinning to slice the head off another. His body flowed into a roundhouse kick that knocked a few warriors into one another, and then he spun to meet an advancing group by locking all their weapons with his keyblades. He ducked low into a sweeping kick that knocked them to the ground, and obliterated them with a discharge of dark energy from Oblivion.

"Firaga!" Matt backflipped as a colossal ball of fire crashed into the ground, releasing a storm of ember and flame that elected cries of death from their nameless opponents. However, the ferocity of the attack caused the cliff to separate and the two began falling into the gathering of water below from the waterfall.

"Really not liking this place anymore!" Matt shouted as he grabbed hold of Mica and leapt off the falling rock, landing gracefully in a cave set in the cliff next to the waterfall.

"Matt, look!" Mica jumped out of his arms and dashed towards a furry lump in the cave, a blush painting her cheeks as she reached out to pet it. "Oh my god, it's so furry!"

"Uhm, Mica..." Matt began as the lump stirred.

"Hehe, so cuddly wuddly..." She rubbed her cheek against the fur while trying to hug it, letting out a soft squeal of satisfaction.

"That's a heartless crest..." Matt looked up at the massive face that revealed itself, the crest adorning its forehead as two menacing crimson eyes stared down at them. Mica stopped loving the very tiny part of its leg and backed up quickly.

"H-heh... nice giant heartless bear thing..."

It roared a sound that shook the cliff and nearly pierced their eardrums, its open maw exposing rows upon rows of jagged, wickedly sharp teeth, and an appendage-like tongue that seemed to be dripping acid onto the cave floor.

"Run," Matt squeaked as they both jumped out of the cave without a second thought. Mica created a bubble of air around them that slowed their descent, but the rocky cliff popped her incantation and sent them tumbling into the water below.

"Oh, give me a break!" Mica yelped as they hit the water and sank, a school of flesh-eating piranhas immediately swarming towards them. The strong current carried them down-river as Matt struggled to keep a hold on the girl. Mica used what little magic she could to keep the piranhas at bay, but they managed to eat through some clothing before the river spit the two out into a larger body of water. Surfacing for gulps of air, they were soon introduced to the water dragon that inhabitants of the world feared. The two looked up at the massive scaly creature as it stared down at them while huffing smoke out of its snout.

"Oh come on!" Matt cried out as it opened its mouth to briefly charge an ice beam. Whirling his blades into existence, he locked them in an x to absorb the attack giving Mica a chance to get on land. She panted heavily for a moment before shooting a powerful lightning bolt at the dragon's head. She followed it up with a combo of elemental projectiles using her entire body as a channeling device. Meanwhile, Matt scaled the beast's back until he was on top of its head and stabbed one of its eyes with both keyblades.

One Hour Later

The two collapsed on the edge of a hot spring, their clothing almost completely gone to expose truly battered bodies. Their breathing was labored after being taught extreme pain since they arrived on the mysterious planet. "What was that you were saying... about this being a good mission," Matt rolled over onto his back and groaned, Mica using him as a pillow.

"I-I'm so tired..." She cried while turning her head towards the hot spring.

"Well, one thing's for certain. This isn't a- Mica?" He noticed she wasn't lying on him anymore and sat up to find her suddenly standing in the middle of the hot spring.

"Oh yeah, this feels awesome! This is the greatest mission ever!" She turned towards him at which point he noticed the rest of her clothes laying there on the edge of the spring. He looked back at her and blinked at the sight of her bouncing chest. His eyes went lower to appreciate her gorgeous form accentuated by the water, and Matt mentally chalked pain in the groin up on the list of growing injury (no pun intended). "What are you waiting for, Matt?" She winked at him with a lick of her lips and he smiled, preparing to enter the spring.

"It looks safe here, so go hunt us some food for the night," she waved and turned away from him, and he curled up into an emo ball for a moment, tears streaming down his face.

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