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Post  Mica on Thu Oct 29, 2009 12:44 am

“Stop! Please stop it! Please…” cried a young girl with her bruised arms around her head to protect herself. There was a moment of silence before the sounds of breaking glass rung through her ears, followed by a thud on the floor. The child slowly opened her eyes with caution, only to widen when she saw a darkly figure standing in the middle of the gloomy room with his bloodthirsty eyes. Her mouth opened to scream, but nothing would come. “N-no..” She began as he took a step towards her, towering her pathetic form.

“Why are you afraid?” He asked, amusement and malice hinted in his voice. She could not see his face from the shadows, only the outline of his figure in the moonlight. His eyes had a glow. A red, vicious glow. Was he the devil to take her to hell? Was hell any worse? His tall figure was dressed in an even darker shade of black, his raggedy clothes swaying with each step he took towards her. The glimmer in his eyes examined her closely.

Her long and silken blonde hair was covered in dirt, disheveled due to carelessness. Her rich, pale skin was battered and coated with black and blue bruises around her arms, legs and body. Blood was splattered on the dirty wooden floor, some blood smearing on the wall. The red liquid was also smeared in her arms, also more especially at the side of her stomach where a long but hollow cut lay. Her long thin legs had cuts almost everywhere, most like long paper cuts. And her face, he paused to look at. She had a black eye, her cheek was swollen and her forehead held a more dangerous cut. Her sullen and darkened blue eyes turned almost ice cold in fear. She did not answer him.

He smiled.

“Beautiful, very beautiful.” He complimented, crouching down to the girl as he caressed her bloody cheek with a long black nail. Her skin felt hot and rough on his finger, and she shivered at his touch. His skin was so cold. When his finger brushed her thin dry lips, the girl held back a whimper. It was chapped and bleeding. “What a tempting delicacy.”

He suddenly swooped her from the corner and into his strong, broad arms. She shook violently, clutching her hands tightly, almost enough to wound herself. The man frowned. It was enough to stop and stiffen her, as she shut her eyes tightly while willing herself to disappear. Before long, she finally opened her eyes in curiosity. It had been so long since she felt the wind on her skin, and who knows how long since her eyes had seen the moonlight. He was traveling with inhuman capabilities, jumping over rooftops and with incredible speed. Somehow it had not fazed her.

“Are you wondering?” He questioned; his voice softer than it was.


“Where I am to take you.”


“Why is this?”

“I have no care for that.”

Odd. He thought, while they came to a stop by the city walls. The tall and massive grey wall was easily overcome as he stepped on the edges, while slipping on the ground. He carried her, her white bloody gown flowing as he ran with his speed. She seemed to find comfort in his arms, perhaps it was the fact that he hadn’t given her yet another fresh wounds but she calmed considerably since he killed her attacker. He had the same shade of blonde.

Her figure was light; he could barely feel her presence if not for the heat which proved signs of life. Her wrists was so thin, barely any fat could be felt in her arms and thighs. She would make an unsatisfying meal for his Master, although it was odd that he was sent to ask for a specific subject.

When they reached the destination, there was nothing around them but dead trees and the ground coated by layers and layers of leaves. He let her down to stand as he watched her wince but struggle with the pain in her legs. Eventually though, she stood steadily and without support from his arm.

A breeze went past them and suddenly they were surrounded by different shadows with different shapes, they wore the same robes as he. Their ears were slightly pointed, something she had not noticed before. Again, the familiar feeling of fear curled up in her stomach as she took one step back. Although calmly in her mind she asked herself if this was the day she would finally die. Nothing seemed to allow her to pass on to the next life, she had no one to miss or regret leaving behind.

What a sad thought.

They stood as still as statues, casting their eyes on her until the last of them arrived. They made way for him, bowing their heads in respect as he strode towards her. He was tall, taller than her captor and he was much more intimidating. The fear in her stomach had ceased to surface as she only replied his menacing gaze with a blank gaze.

Her eyes looked hopeless.

“What a pathetic sight.” He spat ruthlessly, grasping her weak arm as he began to inspect her body. She cringed at the pain and bit her lip. Silently he kept pressing on her small form, which hurt terribly but she made no protests. He seemed puzzled and a little annoyed after his inspection, as if he had not found what he was looking for. The moon had shined brightly above them as the clouds had passed, letting the white light reveal the face of her captors. Now whatever would they want from her?

The man’s face was young and sweet, his skin as pale as the moon and his body as fine a prince’s own. His large hands had handled her with recklessness, no pity for her wounded form. And she remembered that his voice sounded so enchanting, that one might almost forget the frightening sight of his sharp silver teeth when he opened his mouth to talk.

Monsters, she had softly repeated in her head, fascinated at the discovery. She had heard rumors about the very ones that surrounded her, about how they suckled on your blood that was both intoxicating and deadly. Would she be eaten? How strange. She would not fill up one male with her weak and dirty blood. Solemnly, she thought of herself no different. But the idea of feasting on bitter blood was not enticing.

A loud thump in her heart echoed through her ears, it was shocking and unfamiliar. For a moment she had forgotten the monsters and everything that surrounded her. Her wide icy blue eyes faced the shine of the moon, while dark red markings glowed from her pupils. They might have said something but she couldn’t hear, as the loud noise coming from her heart only kept rising in volume. It began to send piercing pain through her body.

Her voice made a shrieking sound as she clutched her head violently and began to toss and turn. Her bones felt like they were breaking as crunching sounds started emitting from her small form. The girl’s hair started to grow longer; paler than snow. The monsters backed up, except the one who brought her to the clearing. She felt her consciousness slowly fade, the realization only made her wonder where it might be going...

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Post  Mica on Fri Oct 30, 2009 10:48 am

The leader of the monsters had backed away considerably while his subjects readied their attacks. “Fools,” she hissed in a shrieking voice, the sound as piercing as a banshee’s cry. Many of them cringed and held their sensitive ears from her voice, “I hope one of you was smart enough to provide a gracious meal.” Her white hair flowed flawlessly along her body, her own blood red eyes rivaling their own. Sharp silver fangs began to show on their faces, signaling the hostile intentions on both sides.

The woman who was once a girl stood with her back straight and her head held high, facing the one who had brought her to the mercy of the monsters. She smiled, her full cherry pink lips dripping with a hungry longing as she took his full image in her eyes.

“I must apologize; I had not known you would be hiding in this manner…” The leader began while his rich blonde hair swaying as he bowed his head. He spoke with authority, even towards her. The distasteful look in her face showed her annoyance to this young monster. The humans were so very uncreative, calling them monsters. They were not savage; they were cunning, lustful and beautiful.

“Vampires,” she tested the name on her lips, licking it soon after. The blonde one pursed his lips, frowning. The true name of their kind had not been spoken for decades; it was not their intention to start doing so just because she knew what they were. “What might I do for you, children?” The insult had surfaced on their faces, but none would dare move.

“Where is my meal?” She asked with impatience, eying on the creatures carefully. They turned towards their leader, suddenly very afraid. It was not taboo to drink from another vampire, but to kill one was simply not done. The woman dressed in her tight white gown clearly thought otherwise, with a glimmer in her red eyes and a similar hunger. It was a look they were accustomed with, but never had they thought that it would be directed towards them. Who was she?

“My name is Giliard, the leader of the old Piera clan. You might have heard of us in your time.” He graciously spoke, bowing elegantly with one arm stretched and his hand upon his chest.

“No, I have not heard of them.” She quickly replied, waving her hand as she dismissed the thought. The business of which she was summoned today was always resulting in the same thing, greed. The young leader of the Piera clan wants more power, so much that he would sacrifice one of his own kin. She smiled in pure amusement. “Now, for more important matters,” her eyes glimmered as she paused to look at him in the eye. “My meal?”

Giliard frowned in displeasure, feeling indignation and unhappy at her uncaring attitude and impatience. She gave him a warning look, one that said volumes about her patience. The Piera Clan had been around for several centuries, and they were one of the riches aristocrats in the whole of Europe. Who was she to dismiss their entire existence? Of course he made no hostile movements and motioned for two of his kin to come forward, holding a full grown adult.

Although his body was covered in bruises and a few scratches, he reeked of noble blood and the fiery indignation in his eyes made her pleasantly smile in delight. “What a wonderful smell.”

“What do you plan to do to me?! I demand an explanation!” He began to struggle anew, almost desperate about getting free but not for saving his life. It might have been a waste to use him in such a manner, although she could not feel any remorse. Her actions are merely nature. “What are you?!” He gasped, staring at the visible fangs.

“They are ancient creatures, my poor noble.” She murmured, crouching down to whisper over his ear. He shuddered visibly. “But you won’t need to worry about that, my precious Piera.” As she spoke her words, her eyes were casted upon the dirtied clan. “Gifted with beautiful faces, but the hearts you hold may be darker then the shadows.” Her voice pierced them as she seduced the young human with her fingers. She smiled maliciously, caressing him in the right places, softly, gently, and seductively. “I wonder what wish you will ask for…”

What happened next was a gruesome sight, even for the vampires who feast on fresh human blood. She had single-handedly torn him limb from limb and ate his skin and insides to the bone, her fingertips growing into sharp vicious claws and her teeth as pointed as needles. Yet it was uncertain how her body retained its flawless complexion. The moon was shrouded with clouds, casting yet another period of darkness in the forest that reeked of blood. Her mouth had blood dripping from the meal, her white gown soaked in the thick red liquid. Some of the much younger vampires had their supper racing right back up, while the rest of them merely grimaced and turned away.

No one could block out the screams and cries of pain and when he finally stopped, the sounds of cracking bone and the tearing of flesh made them shudder. Not her, of course. She was in heaven, rejoicing in the power and her full belly. “Now,” her voice was thick with ecstasy, “what might you want, oh Leader of Piera?”

It took a few more moments before he could speak his mouth still slightly agape from the pure gore he had just witnessed. Eventually, he cleared his throat and explained. “We require the extinction of an enemy clan, who has harassed my precious children in our own territory. You should be well informed about how we tend to be territorial. For safety purposes, of course, as it is better for all of our kind. It comes with the food supply as well, rarely do we do the ritual of turning one into our kind. And of course it is vital that each clan does not overeat, because then the humans get suspicious. However, the disgraceful clan of Lucrescia has defied the rules of our race! And now the humans speak in rumors and they plan to search for us. They put us at a very difficult situation, and the council refuses to punish them for their sins and grant us our justice, and so, this is how we were lead to you, one who grants wishes in return for human flesh.”

What a pretty speech, she dryly thought. “And what do you propose I do? Simply destroy them all?” Casually, she asked while her body reverted back to the humanly appearance she had.

“Or engrave fear into their very lifeless hearts and make sure they were never to set foot into our lands.” He replied with passion burning in his eyes, while the other vampires stood tall, as if to give him their support.

“Very well,” she said simply, rising to her feet and slowly strutting towards her dark haired captor. He stood very still, the hardness and superior air around him had quickly disappeared as he had watched her literally eat a human being like a starved animal. If one were to ask him, she was much more a monster then all of them. “I would like to remain in your care, the child I have chosen as my host will not last long with continued abuse, even with my help in keeping her alive.” It was not a request or a heartfelt favor, it was an outright demand. And if any of them had any lack of brains, they would not even dare to refuse her wishes.

No one would ever want to cross an Immortal. Although they say that the ancient creatures of vampires are immortal, it was untrue. Their lives are only prolonged for an enormous period of time, ranging from hundreds of years to several thousands. It was only the circle of life finally taking its rightful turn. Immortals were an entire race in its own, feasting more than just the blood of a lowly human. They required more to survival until they were either killed by blade or war. If a vampire can run with inhumanly speed, they can run with the speed that might match the light. It is unknown as to where Immortals were spawned from, many say from the very depths of hell and others assume it was one of nature’s creation. No Immortal had a large and troublesome mouth, for many were too enticed by the ecstasy of feasting on the flesh. No, they would not refuse her of anything she might ask.

“Of course, anything you ask.”

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Creatures of the Moon Empty Re: Creatures of the Moon

Post  Mica on Sun Nov 22, 2009 9:26 pm

A frightened pair of eyes scurried through the room, searching for any signs of danger. There was no one, but something was very different. The sight of elegant drapes on the windows, smooth linen sheets providing her the warmth in the cold winter night. It was a soft room; the colors were mostly brown, beige and gentle accents like the yellow roses sitting prettily by the window. As the feeling in her body came back, it was met with unfamiliar comfort, so much that she could probably just slip back to the dream realm. The door gently squeaked, slowly revealing a raven haired man with the palest skin she had ever seen. He paused for short moment to see her awake, then he gracefully stepped forward. There was a small basin in his arm, filled with a clean cloth and hot water. When he placed it over the empty side table, he finally faced her.

“My Lady,” his voice was filled with a deep trembling, sounding almost enchanting. “How are you feeling?” Once those words slipped through his lips, she snapped from her trance. Where is she? Why is she here? And more importantly, why is this handsome man calling her a ‘Lady’?

“I-“ she bit her lip in hesitation, then glanced as his eyes shifted from gentle to concerned, “w-why am I here?” It wasn’t quite the question she wanted to ask, but it would suffice. He seemed a little surprised, and then he smiled. It was a pleasant smile, with his calm blue eyes staring gently at her.

“We found you unconscious in the woods, my master decided to take you in.” Explained the man, while he dipped his hands into the basin and gently wiped her hot face with the damp cloth. “You are also sick with the fever, but you should be alright. The nurse said that the fever broke only last night and you would need a good deal of rest.” He smiled as he finished, standing in silence as if waiting for her orders.

It took a bit of time to comprehend his words, but she did not remember being sick. There was silence as she contemplated on the last thing she remembered. The first thought in her head was the moon, the full beautiful moon. When he took the cloth, his hand smelled of fine perfume, something hard and strong but also pleasant.

“T-then I would like to thank his kind Sir for his hospitable act.” She murmured, shivering at his cold fingers. Why was he so cold?

“Of course, a maid will come here with new clothes and help you dress. Afterwards, you may eat and finally meet my Master, who will explain your situation and ask whatever questions you may have of him.”

“Can I know of his name?” She softly asked.

“Giliard Piera.” What a noble-sounding name, of course someone who could own such an elegant room would have a name like that. The raven haired man left soon after they spoke; leaving the basin in case she might need it. One of the things she first noticed was that she was clean, from head to toe, dressed in a thin white camisole, garments for sleeping. Somehow the memory of the full moon felt so incredibly important, although it was difficult to comprehend why. The next thing in her memory was the sight of a man dressed in black garbs, completely dark with glowing red eyes. That was where her memory ended, somehow facing a large block in her own thoughts.

What was next? It wasn’t a topic that would be pleasant to ponder on, but dreaming about things that will never happen is not something she did often. It was more painful to see the dream simply shatter before your very eyes- and every time it happens, it’s always harder to stand back up. It did not take long for her to drift back to sleep, for some reason she was so very tired….


“My Lady? Oh, please wake up!” A soft nervous voice woke her along with the continuous nudging of her shoulder. She shifted in her bed, slowly dragging her eyes open to face a plump young woman. “I was told to bring you this pretty gown, shall I help you dress?” She offered, holding up a simple but elegant blue dress. It was an off-shoulder dress, the corset probably supplying all the support for the dress not to slip off, there were layers of different kinds of silks and blues simply flowing down past the knees and sophisticated white lace at the hem.

“It’s beautiful…” she softly said, slowly pushing away the sheets and blankets to get on her feet. The weight felt heavy, although there weren’t any signs of weight-gain. Her legs were numb and a little weak but it was enough to manage the few strides she took.

“Well, they told me to dress you first but would you like to eat? You must be hungry, especially after barely eating for three days. Poor thing, it must have been hard.” She cooed and led her to the small table with the tray of food on it. There were slices of bread, some assortment of different kinds of jam and tea. The mere smell made her stomach rumble, although no one heard a thing. “Well, go on! Have a bite. Let’s not be shy now.”

The blonde haired girl found herself sitting on one of the chairs and taking a blissful bite of the delicious bread and strawberry jam. After that one bite, it was easy to navigate through the meal, and even easier to finish everything. The woman was satisfied with the girl’s reaction, pleased with the fact that she ate and enjoyed her jam. After she ate, they quickly got her dressed in the gown, which was a bit of a trial as she had never worn a corset.

“I-it’s very tight…”

“Oh, you get used to it! Besides, it looks very flattering on you.”

“B-but I can barely breathe…”

“Breathe slowly, in tiny breaths.”


“Oh, hush child, it is the latest and most popular fashion to be wearing the corsets!” With her insistence, there were no more protests. Words could not explain her discomfort, but she merely felt thankful to be given a dress and food. Although the situation struck her as odd, but how can one argue when they were pampered? But there must be something they want from her, the girl dimly thought. While the other woman dressed her, there wasn’t much else to do but think. After her prayers were finally heard and the struggle was over, she was dressed very neatly with her hair cascading elegantly down her back. The dark blue color of the dress complimented her icy glare as the silky white muslin flowed with every sway of the fabric.

“I say, you look very lovely.”

“Thank you.” Her reply was soft, as she was stunned herself. Even if it was difficult to breathe, it might have been just worth all the trouble. Might. A gentle knock was heard on the door and the maid quickly opened it, as if knowing who it was at the very start. It was the same man who came to greet her, the one with the cold hands. Somehow that certain detail stuck, and when he looked so kind, it was difficult to find any flaws in his being.

“Very stunning, I must say. Lord Giliard will be very pleased.” As the words left his mouth, her own tightened. It sounded like she was being sold off to his master, although it may not be far from the truth. The rush of reality brought her back and the air of fairytales had quickly faded away. “Shall we go, then?”

“Yes, of course.”

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Creatures of the Moon Empty Re: Creatures of the Moon

Post  Mica on Thu Dec 10, 2009 6:32 am

After they passed through the luxurious hall ways and arrived in one of the studies, the raven haired man went on first to announce her arrival. After a short moment, he led her inside. It was a spacious room, although not too big. There was a bar on the corner and several tables. Giliard Piera was standing in at the center of the room, where several empty seats laid waiting. He was young and handsome, much like the nameless servant. The events unfolded so strangely that she had not even bothered to ask for his name. Nor did anyone ask hers.

“Ah, welcome. I trust you slept well?”

“Yes, I did. Everything was wonderful.”

He smiled warmly, although the strange look in his blue eyes made her uncomfortable. Giliard was blonde, his hair long enough to tease his shoulders and messy in a way that made him more attractive. He had good posture, dressed in fine tailored garments and accessorized with a gold chain watch. His voice was also enchanting, as if he had magic traced in his speech.

“Please, let us sit.” He offered while taking a seat on one of the velvet chairs after she took hers. The raven haired man stood behind his master and patiently awaited his next task. There was uncomfortable silence before he began again, explaining about how she ended up here in the first place. “Your body was very bruised and the high fever you had was worrisome. Still, I took it upon myself to grant you a place to stay and gave you time to heal.”

It was hard to feel grateful when he had recited his noble deed like a beautiful and heroic poem, regardless it was easy to smile and look appreciative. “I am eternally grateful.” It took a bit to realize she did not mean it. A tiny trickle of guilt began to crawl up her conscience. When he smiled back at her, satisfied with her adoring reply and meek expression, Giliard finally moved on to more pressing things. Like what was going to happen to her?

“Now, if you have any relatives who would like to know about your safety…” His words were lost on her, even as he stopped speaking knowingly, she began to panic. It was something she hadn’t thought about, the last memory of the father she once had was him collapsing on the floor, probably dead. No, how could she explain that? Playing stupid may not be the best course of action either, but was there any other choice? What could she tell them?

“I-I don’t.. have any relations with other people. I am an orphan.” She softly replied, her voice falling into a whisper. Yet, his expression wasn’t what she expected. He smiled as if he was very pleased with her reply.

Arrogant little wart, isn’t he?

She jerked up, looking around for the sudden source of voice. If Sir Piera had spoken, she did not acknowledge it. Was that just my imagination?

“So, because of your unfortunate situation, I would like to humbly ask if you would remain in my residence.” His smile was intoxicating, so bright and so sweet. For some reason, the last thing she could do was trust him. “Of course, you can simply do little favors for me in return; otherwise, I will be asking nothing more. Perhaps join me in a party or two.” Yet, it seemed almost preposterous to decline.

“Truly? I’m afraid I cannot allow you to simply take me in, I will do any work you may have for me!” She enthusiastically replied, meaning every word. Shady as this princely figure may be, leeching of people was something she could never do willingly. Then he laughed, with cold amusement.

“Then, it is settled? I would like to invite you for lunch tomorrow, Raxon, my servant will answer to all your needs.” He extended his arm out to the raven haired man with a blank expression that seemed to grow gentle when he looked at her. The idea was very attractive, so was the man that came with it. “Just ask him of anything, I am confident he will be able to see to all your needs.”

“Oh, you really mustn’t, I can very well take care of my own.” She politely protested while he only gave her a scoff.

“Utter nonsense! I insist, besides, he needs a change of scenery, instead of taking care of a grown man such as I. I’m sure even Raxon would prefer to pamper a beautiful lady to a man.” With that, she let it to rest. There wasn’t much she wanted in life, simply a decent life and a friend. Never mind love and soul mates, first, a friend would be a wonderful addition to her wishes.

They talked a little more, although when another man came in to deliver a message, Giliard had to leave sooner than intended. He left her with a bout of mixed emotions and opinions, especially about him. Apart from being grateful, she wasn’t sure about the rest of his personality. Even the men with the nicest faces and nicest voice can hurt you. Of course Giliard wasn’t an ordinary man with a nice face; he was a wealthy and renowned man with a title. There wasn’t a doubt in her heart that she wasn’t grateful, but what could he ever gain by taking her in?


Raxon remained silent until she had finally asked to be escorted back to her room. He was proper, attentive and virtually perfect. Ever since she had woken to first have him in her sight, it was difficult to think of other things. It wasn’t love, she was half certain. There was no thumping of the heart or butterflies in the stomach, but there was definitely a sense of safety when he was around. It was a peculiar feeling to have, and something that wasn’t easy to comprehend.

Asides from acquiring a new manservant, there was one thing she had failed to notice until the evening had set in. Why had no one asked her name? It wasn’t that she had the prettiest name, but everyone had sufficed to call her by ‘Lady’ or ‘Miss’. It was unfortunate she had thought of this after she convinced Raxon to take the rest of the day off and said she would need no further help for the day. Maybe he could be accustomed to calling her by her name.


She remained still, frantically searching for the source. Who was that? Was she losing her mind? The room was dim with only a single candle to light it, somehow the darkness was comforting. There was no moon that night but there were dim lights in the skies which could only be the stars. It was a beautiful night and here she was, hearing things.

There was a foreboding feeling in her heart that something was afoot. Her entire situation was only like in fairy tales, and everything seemed too good. Even she knew enough about life that a lot of lies are created from promises that appear to be too good to be true. This had not failed her once and she was inclined to believe in it until her doubts were washed away by Lord Piera. Or perhaps someone else?

Maybe the morrow would be better, and maybe the large mansion she resided in could feel more like home in the near future. She gazed at the sky from the large window, its looming breezes whistling in the air, as if it was talking to her. “That’s not my name, silly voice.” She dared to respond. “It’s Jacqueline.”

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Creatures of the Moon Empty Re: Creatures of the Moon

Post  Mica on Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:43 am

The days that passed had been a blur, within one week after their first meeting with ‘Marquees’ Piera she was taken from party to party. The lunch that Lord Piera had promised was spent talking about the way she could repay him. In between meetings were etiquette lessons and other classes she had to take in order not to appear uncivilized and uneducated. For the most part, she knew all the bare basics. While she learned, she did not learn fast enough. At least, this was according to all of her teachers who were strict and fussy. Lord Piera only laughed at their complaints.

There was yet another outing within the next week which was in three days time, this time to an Opera house for some entertainment. Of course the true purpose of his visit was entirely different, but to accidentally meet the beautiful Lady Millian and her husband, Duke Millian of Andees. For what reasons, she was not to know. And her frequent outings did not leave her unnoticed; he insisted that she was not with him but merely a Lady guest in his humble home.

It was true for the most part but many talked but even more listened. Gossip was generally of the bad things, and the gossip surrounding Jacqueline was only growing. She was his mistress, no, a wife he married in secret. Of course none of these were true, he had never laid a finger on her nor did he ever try. It seemed that he was not interested in her and only treated her like a younger sister. He was extremely likable person despite his flamboyant nature. But most of all, he had indeed saved her life.

Raxon was attentive and virtually perfect. It was frightening. He was there whenever she was going to call him, there whenever she wanted company or someone to talk to. He never spoke much but his presence was comforting. It never slipped past the comfort though, she regretfully thought. As attentive and perfect as he was, there wasn’t a lot to him. If one would get past his perfect handsome face, he was really rather dull. Raxon’s politeness was apparently legendary, many maids, servants and even noblewomen had swooned over him.

Even if Jacqueline was painfully close to follow suit, he had always kept his character. It was disappointing. Lost in her thoughts and weariness, she had not noticed Raxon himself slip in the room, pushing a tray with tea and very light snacks. When she raised her head to face him, he smiled simply. The rest of the evening was spent in silence until she dismissed him.

There were constant nights were she could not do much, her head was always weary and her body would ache and burn in pain. Jacqueline informed Raxon as well as Lord Piera, however, after they sent for a doctor who ruled that there was nothing wrong with her, not much else was done to ease the pain. Tonight it felt worse, the throbbing of her body and the feverish headache started. Slowly standing from her seat, Jacqueline made way towards the soft bed. Her soft blonde curls scattering on the white sheets. Before she knew it, her consciousness had faded.


“She is hungry.” He said simply, his face emotionless and unreadable. Raxon walked towards his master and waited for an order.

“Well, it’s not like our next sacrifice was not ready.” Giliard Piera replied with a rueful smile. Indeed, it had been a month since he had taken the girl under his wing. To his pleasure, she was easy to manipulate and coerce her into doing what he liked. It had worked, too. Many were interested in courting her, and it was not like she was a complete commoner. By blood and by her blood alone, she was not. However, she was not exactly a birth any noble would be proud of. It had taken months and months of research and investigation to find her and even more months to plan her capture. Of course the latter was easier than they expected. Still, the upkeep of making a bargain with the Immortal was not cheap or pleasant. “You may lead her to the dungeons if she awakens, for now, stay close to her. It would be unwise if I let her get out of hand.” With that, Raxon bowed and left.


Raxon silently treaded the halls to reach her room, softly he knocked.

“Come in.”

At first he was startled at the voice which boomed in his ears and truly beckoned him to come. He obliged the order and proceeded in, where he saw a half naked woman sitting on a chair that faced the large window with the curtains open. Her eyes were to the moon. “Oh, it is only you, little Vampire.” He could not get used to her presence, even when she was sleeping inside Jacquline’s body. It was hard to forget that this creature was inside. “Tell me, does he think it’s funny to parade me in London’s finest?” It was an icy statement and not a question. “I am not amused. Honestly, can’t anyone leave this girl alone?”

Raxon sighed then smiled his perfect smile. “I suppose my Master is only thinking to entertain her. I believe she enjoys learning even if this is not quite the best environment to learn from.” She hissed in reply.

“And you, goodness, you’re about as exciting as a rock.” That was when she turned her head to face him. She wore a white robe, almost transparent but not quite. It was thin and draped over her shoulders, loosely tied around her slim waist. He was startled to see the blue eyes that usually looked so worried and struggled to appear fierce. “I know the fire that lives inside of you, young Vampire. The desire. The power and most certainly the skill.” The Immortal grinned. “I would love to see more of your dark side Dear Raxon, it would make me very happy.”

His smile faded and his lips hardened in a tight frown. Raxon decided not to say anything else unless she demanded an answer. Luckily for him, he was the only one to witness her feeding. She was like an animal in a luxurious cage, eating like a barbarian and an animal. It was a true wonder as to why many feared her, she wasn’t entirely different from a Vampire. He would also guess that she was a ‘young’ Immortal as well. Or maybe that was just his frustration of having to escort her to the dungeon while she flaunted her half-naked body to the night-time servants.

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Creatures of the Moon Empty Re: Creatures of the Moon

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Rewrite; first post.


The little girl huddled in the corner of the dark room only whimpered when he would raise his hand to strike her. Her bruised arms above her head to protect what it could while she clenched her teeth to bare the pain. When she felt something trickle down from her elbow to her knee was the only moment she dared to open her eyes. It was blood. The sight made her tremble while he took yet another violent blow on her head.

It was only when the sound of breaking glass rung through her ears was she brave enough to tear her eyes away from the floor. The dark figure standing in front of her father's corpse made her feel stunned, confused and scared. It took a step towards her and she whimpered while her eyes remained wide and fixed on the towering form in front of her.

The room was dark, gloomy and dirty with only the half moon to provide whatever light it would share. With the moonlight to show the window that was positioned just behind the corpse and the figure, while they held each others gaze. There was a strong scent of a bitter smell of beer and other sorts of alcohol along with the smell of blood and sweat. It was silent, not even the sound of the creeping wind.

"Why are you afraid?" A deep voice suddenly asked, breaking the dominant silence. Her lips slightly parted for what appeared to be a reply; however no words came to her. He scoffed in return for her silent answer. It was clear that he was not pleased yet he was amused, smirking at the small little girl who looked at him with the honest expression that spoke volumes. He examined her carefully while taking a step to the right, letting the light show her form.

The girl had long blond hair, unkempt and riddled with knots and dirt. Her pale complexion hinted the lack of outdoor activities, also unkempt and bruised in several areas of her exposed skin. She had dried blood to stain her almost grayed white dress which had several tears and running thread in random places of her clothing. The girl's thin wrists, legs and neck led him to believe she was nearly starved to death. At some point of his inspection, the shadowy figure wondered why she was still alive. As he continued, he found other injuries, a small cut on her forehead still fresh but no longer bleeding, a gash on her arm with blood still dripping out of and a swollen cheek. He could almost see her bone structure with the way her skin enveloped her body and felt a pang of pity for the child.

Then, he smiled.

"Beautiful, very beautiful." He said in his rich voice as he bend down to run his finger down her cheek, to her neck and eventually over her heart. "Rather tempting," he murmured over her ear as his strong arms swept her off the floorboards and into his arms. She was painfully light in his hold while she tried to remain as still as a doll. A befitting thought, he mused. And then her did the unthinkable. In mere moments, she saw her dead mother lying on the floor of their humble home while she was carried outside into the dark streets of the city.

There was no one in sight as the nearby buildings had their windows shut, doors locked and the lights off. The man, whose face she finally saw was, needless to say, handsome. Although she was not focused on his appearance, more so at the two sharp points that hung below his upper lip. Fangs? She silently asked herself as if to be sure she was truly seeing it. He spared her a glance and knew what she was thinking, smiling at her once more.

Quickly she turned away in surprise as her hands grasped her shoulders. Why does he have pointed teeth? She asked herself, quickly wondering if he was to kill her next. It would have been an appropriate end to a miserable life, yet in the back of her mind, she thought of her freedom. A strange memory came to her as she was deep in thought, the very first time her mother had turned her back on her.

Yet it felt so natural to always believe in the woman who had raised you.

Before long, he quickly began to move. With perfect ease, the man ran with frightening speed as her hair flew away from her face. Despite the throbbing pain in various areas of her body, the fresh air mixed with the wind had felt comfortable and pleasurable. Soon they had reached the city walls and even sooner did he easily jump over on a stack of crates then over the wall to the other side. He carried her into the dark forest where the moonlight was barely present, hidden by the leaves and trees of the forest. His lack of hesitation to simply dive into the forest scared her more then he already had. Her heart-beat felt like it had increased and she could hear the thumping clearly ringing in her ears while her frail hand clutched part of his cotton blouse.

“Do you wonder?” He asked in a low whisper. As if struggling with an answer, she replied in the same soft whisper.

“No.” Her voice was strained, even for the one-syllable word.

“No? Not of where I am to take you?” He inquired curiously.

“How would it matter?”

He would have laughed despite himself yet he merely remained silent.

Despite the thick clothing he wore, she felt a brush of his skin and it was horribly cold. It was difficult to make much sense of the situation, yet she tried to focus on why he had taken her from her home and was at the middle of bringing her deep into the forest. What was there to gain? If he was a killer, why didn’t he complete the task?

When he came to a complete stopped, she took the time to look around. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary with patches of grass sprouting from the soil while it was littered with dead leaves and rotten fruit. She turned to him who stood straight and proud, his attention now focused and controlled. Then shortly, the shadows in the forest shifted.

Again, the familiar feeling of fear had begun to churn in her chest as she took one step back. They were all shielded in the shadows, except for one who had calmly stood in the only spot where the moon shined.
His malicious expression rendered her speechless; all the while his eyes had seemed to have a faint glow of red. There was no time to ask if she had been seeing things, yet in her mind was only one question that she had calmly asked herself. Was this the moment when they were going to kill her? Would this spot be the final place where she breathed? Yet despite the fear welling up in her heart, there were no regrets or sadness.

The only one who moved after the circular formation was formed around her was the man in the moonlight, dressed in a fine embroidered suit that spoke volumes of its quality. His rich blonde hair was neat to compliment his pale complexion that seemed to glow in the moonlight. He stood tall, dignified like that of a noble. His face was young and sweet, almost having a boyish innocence.

The man who had brought her in the forest began to make his way to his masters’ side, bowing respectfully while he gave the bare details of his completed task. With a mere wave of the blonde’s hand, the raven haired took one last glance at her and stood proudly by his side. It was a beautiful and flawless display of a master and servant, yet both of them had such menacing eyes.

“Raxon, are you certain?” He inquired loudly, raising his brow while he inspected the girl. Somehow he managed to do this while she was in the shadows.

“I am.” He confidently replied.

“What a pathetic sight.” Ruthlessly spat the master, carefully looking her over. Yet it was true, she was malnourished, weak and rendered completely useless even for simple tasks. However he kept his eyes on her, never taking them off even while he spoke to his servant. They were searching for something, anything, a sign that she was real.

Then somehow, something happened. A loud thump in her heart echoed through her head, shocking and unfamiliar. For a long moment, her surroundings had completely left her mind until it was empty. It was painful, sudden and overwhelming. They might have said something but she couldn’t hear anything else asides from the loud beating of her heart that only kept rising. Then the piercing pain that ran through her body made her scream.

She groaned loudly, breathing in a broken rhythm while she fell on her knees and eventually on her back while the sounds of cracking bones started to fill their ears. The small girl violently thrashed on the ground, trying to bare the pain until it started to knock her unconscious. Her dull blond hair began to grow longer, paler and her blue eyes changing their color into a crimson red…

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Creatures of the Moon Empty Re: Creatures of the Moon

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