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Post  Mica on Wed Nov 15, 2017 3:05 pm


Hehe, were you scared? I hope so! Because we’re approaching the reaping time, and it’s the scariest time of year!
Or, at least, it was back home--and I swear I’ve seen a reaper here, even, so it must be true in Voltra, too!

Back home, we used to have a tradition where we’d dress up--my mom used to tell me it was to keep a reaper
from recognizing me if he saw me! But mostly it was probably because it was super fun. The costumes were amazing
back home, and my whole family went all out with the spooks and costumes and parties and candy and...gosh, I’m
feeling really homesick, suddenly…

I have an idea! Let’s get the rest of the shopkeepers to celebrate with me, this year! Can you help me get them into

Welcome to Vivienne’s Spooky Costume Contest! It’s the Reaping, and Vivienne wants to celebrate the season in traditional
Sound style--with awesome costumes! Draw, paint, sculpt, or otherwise depict your favorite NPC in whatever costume you
think would be appropriate! Vivienne will choose her top three favorites based on how well the piece fits the character, how
creative the idea is, and how well executed the overall piece is! Put your talents to the test with this spooky contest!

The deadline for submissions is November 4, 2017. Vivienne will pop in on the day of the deadline do to a last call for entries
a few hours before she closes the contest, and provide a specific time
(or she’ll ask someone to do it for her--it really depends how busy she gets at the store!)

To submit your piece for the costume contest, upload the piece itself or a picture, if it’s traditional or a sculpture,
to a site like Imgur and link it here in the thread. Make sure you quote Vivienne’s submission post, or she might not see your entry!



★ This is an art contest with a topic of: Shopkeepers in Costumes
★ Each user may submit up to 2 entries.
★ Winners will be chosen based on originality, character portrayal, and execution.
★ Submissions may be digital, traditional, or other.
★ Art must be the creation of the user who submits it. Plagiarism and art theft are unacceptable.
★ The deadline is November 4, 2017.
★ Honorable Mentions may receive 100 Ohms each.


1000 &
1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place


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