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Post  Mica on Wed Jun 19, 2013 7:27 pm

This is "That one RP that we all write." 

We are all on a different dimension. In our own worlds, lives and we don't know each other. 

We get our respective classes; 
Mica Avatar *w*
Lore Samurai 
Herms Summoner
Heather Berserker
Nikki Archery/Beast Master

The Dimensional Mage (existing in our own worlds) has manipulated us to travel dimensions. He gives us false(??? questionable) reasons to do it and is really just using us for his own purposes. 

Additionally, his purposes is for us to kill/destroy something in the world to unlock a seal that will pretty much bring about something terrible. 

Dimensional Mage makes us do his bidding to unleash Fenrir and start a second Ragnarok.

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