Happy birthday Matthew!

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Happy birthday Matthew! Empty Happy birthday Matthew!

Post  Mica on Wed Feb 18, 2009 2:12 pm

This is a bit of a collaboration post from me and Flakey, it holds both our gifts and you're only getting it now because- well, as your girlfriend and best friend, we've been lazy. :D But it's better then never, right?!

And so we begin our tale...


Happy birthday Matthew! Pbucket

When Mica died, you went berserk. And eventually, the anger, pain, and rage took a hold of you. You went on a massacre, killing hundreds of innocent people before the police finally caught up with you. The entire squad raised their guns, and all you did was laugh wickedly in their faces, giving the frightened authority a glimpse of hell before you took your own life with your bloodstained dual katanas.

Your soul flies straight to Mica, in which, you slowly regain the shattered pieces of your sanity and face her. Your vision is clouded by the spirits of darkness that swirl around you, stripping your flesh from your bones. It is very painful, but trying to move while your flesh is taken off by ribbons would be much worse. While working on eating away at your flesh, the spirits whisper to you your sentence. "For all the darkness, hate, and destruction you unleashed upon the world, your eternal soul must atoll for."

When stripped of all your flesh, (minus that of your head so that you will always see your sins in your eyes when you glance upon your reflection), you are granted a Rei Scythe, or, Spirit Scythe. Many voices enter your head and tell you of your new existence. You are to be a "Grim Reaper" of sorts. Your flesh is burnt very cleanly down to the bone, but Mica -- either uncaring or unable to see what has happened -- runs to you, throwing her arms around you and kissing you, hugging you tight while she tells you tearfully that she loves you despite your crimes. She takes off the crimson colored scarf that she was wearing and wraps it around you, telling you that she'll always wait for you.

You stroke her cheek and kiss her, telling her that she'll always be your Lovey. And then, you're pulled away in the blink of the eye, while somewhere in the distance, a distraught and heartbroken Mica puts a hand to her cold lips, and collapses to the ground in tears.


The Rei Scythe is a scythe that feeds off the actions of its owner. When being merciful and caring, it emanates light and gives the power of mercy to the user. If the souls is dark, then the Scythe draws in this energy and the scythe is shrouded in darkness, the blade growing and turning jet black, the tip of the blade the darkest, as if it could suck all light out of the world in a swing.

And through this horrible, dark power, you can make short work of anything in your path. Though, the more wicked you become, the chance of you two reuniting grows more and more distant. Though, not informed of this, you are driven only to guide the souls of the dead. [Or absorb them, to make him and his scythe stronger, eventually becoming the ruler of the underworld and the overworld.]


You stare at the scarf in your skeletonized hands and tie it to the end of your new scythe, wrapping it gently around yourself so that you will always be reminded of the love you share with her, and keep hope that someday, the two of you will be reunited.


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